Dachs – The Original

The Dachs is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art micro CHP unit based on a natural gas, LPG fuel oil or bio diesel fuelled internal combustion engine. The one-cylinder four-stroke engine has a capacity of 580 cm³ and was designed to achieve maximum reliability with minimal maintenance intervention.

Operating consistently and successfully across Europe for many years, the Dachs is proven technology and has become the number one choice in micro-CHP. SenerTec and its partner network have installed over 36,000 units.

Together with the storage tank and the hot water module, the Dachs forms a supply centre for heat and hot water. It charges the tank up to a defined temperature and makes energy available for heating and hot water. Once the tank has been discharged to a defined temperature, the Dachs is activated again and recharges it. Part of the storage tank is always reserved for hot water generation. The heating system cannot use this part, so priority is always given to hot water when required.