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Energy for the future.

Alternative solutions for every
energy requirement.

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Become part of an environmental movement.

Any home can be transformed into a power plant
and be part of the environmental movement.

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E-mobility: the future powered by SenerTec.

The electric car is coming. Green
electricity has already reached our homes.

SenerTec. We are the pioneers in the mCHP sector.

SenerTec Kraft-Wärme-Energiesysteme GmbH has its roots in Fichtel & Sachs (now ZF Sachs), a well-known supplier to the automotive industry. It was here, starting in 1979, that a one-cylinder combustion engine was developed specifically for a combustion engine-driven air/water heat pump. When the price of oil fell, it was an obvious step to integrate this technology in a heating system based on the principle of heat and power cogeneration – and the Dachs was born. SenerTec was founded in March 1996 in Schweinfurt, Germany. The CHP manufacturer now employs around 140 people.

The SenerTec quality standard.

The management and employees of the company believe that a quality-focused, safe and environmentally friendly approach is an essential foundation for long-term customer and employee satisfaction, cost-effectiveness and the continuing growth of the company’s value.

Michael Boll


There are so many reasons to choose the Dachs. In economic terms, a Dachs is a worthwhile investment that pays for itself. In environmental terms, it’s a wise investment that will benefit future generations. This is one of the reasons why the Dachs is the market leader in heat and power cogeneration.

Hagen Fuhl

Product Management / Authorised Representative

A Dachs from SenerTec has always stood for safety and reliability. The compact heating system was developed and tested over a period of more than ten years by the well-known company Fichtel & Sachs (now ZF Sachs) in Schweinfurt. Since 1996 it has been continually optimised by SenerTec. That’s why SenerTec is still the leading manufacturer of CHP units.

SenerTec’s vision for itself.

Success-Oriented & Motivated
We want to be among the best and we refuse to rest on our laurels. This is reflected in the incredible motivation of every member of our team.

Commitment & Responsibility
In our relationships with business partners and within the company, we are reliable partners, take responsibility for what we do, and keep our promises.

Reliability & Honesty
We maintain open and trusting relationships. We treat our business partners and employees with dignity and respect.

Part of BDR Thermea

BDR Thermea is a world leading manufacturer and distributor of smart climate and sanitary hot water solutions. The Group operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, employing approximately 6.000 people.

We are committed to our Corporate and Social Responsibility policy. We continue to invest in the development of our people and processes and work hard to maintain open and sustainable relationships with external stakeholders.

Our portfolio of products is cleverly designed to provide integrated systems instead of just single products, offering  lower energy bill and reduced carbon emissions.

From development to production.

Every Dachs is the product of outstanding engineering and an uncompromising emphasis on durability and precision. SenerTec Kraft-Wärme-Energiesysteme GmbH in Schweinfurt has been manufacturing heat and power cogeneration solutions since 1996. For every unit, the individual parts are perfected by hand and production is monitored to ensure the quality and reliability of the system.

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